MetroListPRO Facebook IDX FAQ

Do I need a website to use this?
No! All you need is a personal Facebook account and a Facebook Business Page that is associated with your personal account. Both are free.

How do I get a Facebook page?
Go to and sign up. This will get you a Facebook personal account. You then need to create a Business Page for your real estate business and set yourself as the administrator of that page. The MetroListPRO Facebook search and featured listings tabs will appear within your Business Page once you have installed MetroListPRO Facebook IDX.

How do I create a Facebook Business Page?
Go to your personal Facebook home page, and then to the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. Under the Facebook copyright line you'll see a link labelled "More" with a down arrow next to it. Click this and then select "Create a Page". On the next screen select "Local Business or Place", and provide the requested information about your real estate business.

How do I add the MetroListPRO Facebook IDX to my Facebook page?
In brief, you will link your MetroListPRO and Facebook accounts, and then add a Property Search tab and a Featured Listings tab to your Facebook Business Page. We will provide a Quick Start Guide with detailed instructions on the necessary steps, and also send you an email with this information.

Can the Facebook tabs match my branding?
Yes. You can upload a custom banner with your branding that will appear above the Property Search and Featured Listings tab contents.

Can I customize my search page to focus on my market area?
MetroListPRO Facebook IDX allows for search customization. By default, every city covered by the MetroList MLS will be included in the city list on your search page. Since we understand that some people like to focus in specific areas, we've made it easy for you to customize the city list it only includes the areas that you primarily serve. This customization can be done from your account Control Panel.

Can I feature my own listings or my office listings?
MetroListPRO Facebook IDX includes your own page of inventory listings. This page is automatically updated with your new listings as they enter the market, and off-market listings are automatically removed. If you don’t have any listings of your own, you can use your inventory page to highlight your office's listings.

Will my Facebook business pages include listings from other MLSs?
Your search and listings pages will only include MetroList listings. If you are a member of another MLS or Association, you can have that additional MLS added to your account. Additional paperwork and fees may apply. Once you have been approved to show listings for the additional MLS, your site will include listings for both markets.

Is this service reliable?
Yes. Your IDX pages will be hosted at a highly reliable, secure data center provided by Rackspace. As a top-tier, national hosting service, Rackspace provides 99.999% availability and high-speed connections to the Internet.

What kind of support is available?
Your Control Panel includes online help and user documentation to help you get the most out of your IDX product. If you have specific questions or problems, just give the MetroListPRO Help Desk a call at (916) 922-7584 or outside the 916 area code dial (888) 898-9788 and select option 1.

When will the Facebook IDX account be activated?
Immediately! In buying this product directly from MetroList there is no need to wait for approval or paperwork processing. Your Facebook IDX account will be instantly activated and can be added to your Facebook Business Page today.

How does billing work?
Once you choose a package and submit your credit card information, your account will be created and will be fully active and billable. You will be billed by credit card on the first of each month for service to be provided during that month. However, your very first charge will include a prorated amount for the period of usage prior to your first full billing period. For example, if your monthly service begins on June 15, then on July 1 your credit card will be charged for the period June 16 to June 30, plus for the entire month of July. 

Is there a contract to sign? How long is the commitment?
You will need to agree to the terms of the MetroList Service & Billing Agreement. You will have only a month-to-month commitment.

I just signed up and I see a pending authorization for $1.00 when I view my credit card activity online. What is this authorization for?
This is a temporary authorization used to ensure that your credit card information is accurate. For most cards, the authorization will expire within 72 hours (some cards may take longer). While present in your account, this temporary authorization will be deducted from your available credit, but will not be reflected in your balance due nor on your monthly statement.